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miercuri, 11 octombrie 2017

MsWord printing peculiarity (solved - SP issue)

Mystery solved. After installing the latest service pack, all troubles have gone.
By the way, the right order is p2s1, not s1p2.
Also tested with newer versions then 2007 of MsWord. 

Original post
I saw a peculiarity.
If have a "doc" document, i.e. created with MsWord 2003 or earlier, with more than a single section and I print this document under MsWord 2007, then:
- I can print the entire document
- I can print the current page
- I can print entire sections, by choosing the desired section on the "page range" textbox from the "print window" (to print section 4, I must type "s4", to print sections 3 to 5, I must type "s3-s5", and so on)

But I can't print some particular pages, neither this way:
2 (for the second page) or 1-3 (for the first three pages)
nor this way:
s1p2 (second page from the first section)

This behavior occurs only if the document was created with an earlier version of MsWord and contains more than a single section, and I'm trying to print it from MsWord 2007.
Converting the document to docx, does not help.

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